Spending nearly $4 million in America, Jimmy Walter has launched advertising blitzes in the most prominent newspapers and magazines, including full-page color ads in Business Week, Forbes, Newsweek, the New York Times, Washington Post, Readers Digest, New Yorker, etc., entitled "Are We Safer Now? According to Mr. Walter, The 9/11 Report has been published, but some very troubling questions remain unanswered." Mr. Walter is now prepared to do the same in Europe, launching a mega tour throughout Europe including Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, London and Manchester, England. Click here for complete Press Release.

There are two types of events associated with the tour-- Video Presentations and Panel Discussion/Forums. Some cities have multiple presentations, so read date and format infromation carefully to ensure you don't miss it. Live streaming video of all the forums and discussions will be provided by the Internet Management Company for Reopen 911; NetServe Communications, Los Angeles, CA.

Please review the various locations and dates and then;
Click Here to ORDER and PRINT your tickets now.

The 911 Truth Tour is still underway but if you missed the events or have been unable to attend, you can watch video of complete events here.

Berlin, Germany
Urania Berlin e.V.
An der Urania 17
10787 Berlin
Tel: +49 030-218 90 91

May 20th Video Presentation @ 7PM
May 21st Forum @ 7PM
May 22nd Forum @ 7PM
May 28th Video Presentation @ 8PM
May 29th Video Presentation @ 7PM

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rode Hoed @ 7PM
Keizersgracht 102
1015 CV
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel: 206385606

May 20th Forum
May 24th Forum
May 25th Video Presentation

Paris, France
Les Salons de l'Aveyron @ 7PM
17 rue de l'Aubrac
75012 Paris, France
Tel: 33 1 44 74 88 00

May 24th Forum
May 25th Forum

For all UK Tickets:
call: 0800 8830 888

Friends House
173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ
May 27th Forum @7PM
June 3rd Forum @7PM(Hosted by Susannah York)

June 2nd- Video Presentation
Prince Charles Cinema
Leicester Place

Confronting the Evidence - 5:30PM
Painful Deceptions - 8:05PM
The Great Conspiracy - 9:40PM

Madrid, Spain
MAPFRE Auditorium
Edificio Mapfre Vida @ 7PM
Avda. General Peron, 40
28020 Madrid
Tel: 91-5811627

May 30th Forum
May 31st Forum
June 1 Video Presentation

Vienna, Austria
Austria Center und Konferenzzentrum Wien, AG @ 7PM
Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1
A-1220 Wien
Tel: +43-1-26069-2350

June 1st Forum
June 2nd Forum
June 3rd Video Presentation

Manchester, UK
Manchester Town Hall @ 7PM
Albert Square,
M60 2LA
United Kingdom

June 4th - Forum

Rome, Italy
Sala Umberto @ 7PM
Via Della Mercede, 50
M60 2LA
00187 Roma
Tel (theatre): +39 06 679 47 53
Tel (office): +39 06 8068 7231
tel: +39 34 7476 587

June 6th - Forum
June 7th - Forum
June 9th - Video Presentation