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For Immediate Release: (Los Angeles)... Passionately committed to democracy, Jimmy Walter, a philanthropist, announced that he would spend an extra one million dollars on advertising to promote the campaign to Reopen the 911 Investigation. This time the full-page ads will specifically target the New York market: New York Times, New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, The Howard Stern show etc. The theme of the new ads by Reopen 911 is based upon a recent Zogby Poll: 66% of New Yorkers want 9/11 reopened. 49% believe some U.S. leaders knew in advance and they consciously failed to act."

Walter first turned to advertising two years ago when he saw the mainstream press self-censoring in support of the impending Iraqi quagmire. Alarmed at the critical omission of vital information in America's leading publications, he felt he had to get the word out that Colin Powell and the George H. W. Bush administration had lied to the American people, the Congress, and the United Nations to justify the first Gulf War; was now lying again to start an unjustified war which would increase terrorism, create a 'new Vietnam,' and cause an economic disaster for America. Presciently, his predictions have all come true: the war has increased terrorism against the American people, jobs are scarce, oil is running out, and the world economy is being wrecked by Bush's fanatical actions.

Walter is still putting his money where his mouth is. In Mid-September, 2004, Walter funded the jam-packed "Confronting the Evidence - a call to reopen the 9/11 investigation." The mandate was twofold: First, to expose a complete accounting of the facts and circumstances surrounding the 9/11 attacks; second, like the Independent Commission, to make recommendations. In this made-for-broadcast forum, presenters had the task of laying out a compelling case for their evidence. The panel, composed of 9/11 victims, environmental experts, researchers, scientists, journalists and first responders, challenged some of the key data that had been the basis of the 9/11 Commission's investigations and pointed our many serious omissions and incongruities.

This event had paramount importance because earlier recommendations based on an incomplete accounting of the facts is not making us any safer, and will not protect us from a recurrence. The Victims Family Steering Committee filed close to 400 questions with the 9/11 Commission. Initially welcomed by the commissioners as a "road map" for their inquiry, the Commission ignored the majority of these questions, opting only to explore system failures, miscommunications and incompetence. The victims' families most incisive issues remain un-addressed to this day. Their queries cut to the heart of 9/11 crimes and accountability. They raised the central issues of motive, means and cui bono (who profited?). The Omission Commission was created to lift the shroud of secrecy and unanswered questions surrounding the largest homeland tragedy in American history.

Walter has more than war on his mind. Even though he is a businessman he supports organized labor and a living wage. While in New York City to protest the Republican National Convention, he carried a sign saying, "Fair pay for Firemen and Police" . "The police, firemen, EMS, sanitation, and other public labor forces do not have the right to strike or even protest. I have always supported labor as the smart thing for the whole economy. He believes that the Republican mayor and governor have perpetrated an injustice on New York's finest, firemen, and other essential service employees.

Mr. Walter's main focus, his " day job " as he calls it, is using his extensive economic experience to start and operate several progressive, futuristic, sustainable and eco-friendly enterprises. Known worldwide as an ecological crusader, he heads Walden Three, an environmental based think tank dedicated to preserving our environment while stimulating the economy and providing luxurious lifestyle for all. Walden Three is a paradigm for future architectural and 'biotecture' development. He is working with architect R. Edmond of HASSELL Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, who won the Urban Design Competition for Architecture.

Walter successfully helped over 20,000 inmates in the Florida prison system and 40,000 people nationwide with his Life Skills Foundation program, a program ended by the Florida Department of Corrections when they got the governor to veto the bill he got through the Florida legislature. Jeb Bush then ended all programs claiming punishment was all that was needed. The result, crime is on the rise with hundreds of thousands of untrained, unmotivated felons coming back into society without enough jobs for all. Walter was born in Tampa, FL, in 1947, the son of famed Horatio Alger industrialist, Jim Walter who started Jim Walter Homes with $1,000 in 1946, which became Walter Industries, a conglomerate that includes Celotex and U.S. Pipe and Foundry, which does everything from manufacture ceiling tiles, pipe, and wall board, to building and financing low income homes, to oil, gas, and coal production.

A man who has overcome personal challenges, Walter is 100% committed to uncovering the lies and manipulations of the dangerous men in Washington. After all, these are the same people who told us that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11; the same people who told us Saddam Hussein had something to do with weapons of mass destruction; the same people who told us we would be able to use the oil for reconstruction money; the same people who told us we would be greeted as liberators, not occupiers; the same people, the same President who told us the Taliban is gone; the same President who told us that Poland is our ally two days before they pull out; the same President who tells us Iraq is going just great; the same President who tells us the economy is going just great; the same people who told us the tax cuts were going to create millions of jobs; the same people who told us that the Medicare program only cost $400 billion when it really cost $540 billion."

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