We Are Not Safer!

Bin Laden initially denied the 9/11 attack. In all probability he merely took credit for it later to swell his ranks. It Worked! Bin Laden is still at large. President Bush has said he is not that concerned about him. Yet Homeland [In]Security issues monthly Alarms!As predicted by George Tenet and the CIA, because of our invasion, Iraq has become a breeding ground for more and more terrorists.

Listen to Scott Ridder kick butt on UK Kay Iraq Survey Group finding that there were no WMD's. Listen to BBC try slime ball tactics to no avail!

Read how the alleged hijackers knew just where to go to find holes in our Military and FAA radar!

Paul Krugman warns us on Bush's Wag-the-Dog antics and shows how Bush has Misspent and Not Protected US.

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