The Holocaust Happened!

Hitler and the Nazis beat up, killed, imprisoned, maimed, confiscated the property of, and medically experimented on millions of Jews just for being Jews. To argue about the numbers is stupid! In actuality, the Jewish Holocaust (there are other holocausts) started 2000 years ago. Many, many more than 6,000,000 have been killed. They burned Jews at the stake in Vienna and Rome long before Hitler. Even Shakespeare put them down in his play, "Merchant of Venice". Europe and America have many anti-Semites still. I grew up in the south where I saw and heard anti-Semitism all the time. It was embarrassing and wrong. My own family had very good relations with most Jews, though there are some of every race and creed I do not like. I oppose the government of Israel and Mossad. But I want the Jews to have a homeland where they can flee to if anti-Semites rise again. Remember that Roosevelt refused to let the ship with 30,000 Jews land in the US when Hitler tried to deport them! He even convinced the President of Cuba not to accept them. Britain refused them. EVERYONE refused them!

As for the gas chamber uproar, I ghosted a book, "Banzai You Bastards" about Japanese POW camps. 90% of their POW's died versus 5% in German POW camps. They were forced to work in a copper mine standing in sulfurous acid leaking out of the walls. They were dressed in only loincloths and Japanese sandals. They had no matches to light the lights they wore on their heads so if they went out, they had to negotiate around pits and many fell. They got beaten every day. They only got 2 rice balls a day to eat. They were starved, worked, and beaten to death. 90% died! Many broke their own arm or leg on purpose so they would not have to go into the mine. The pictures of them look just like the pictures from Dachau. Therefore, if they did not gas them, it was FAR WORSE! Everyone should shut up about it and be respectful to the Jews, the victims, and their families about the 2000 years of the Jewish Holocaust!

By the way, the Japanese ordered their POW camps to kill all the prisoners upon the US invasion. The Japanese tried to kill them all in the Philippines. The atomic bomb saved their lives by getting the Japanese to surrender. The Japanese had planned a bubonic plague attack on California for following December. They had used germ warfare on the Chinese. One sadist POW camp commander became the Minister of Finance for Japan later. Some held other posts in the government. Very few were ever tried or convicted!