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US War Crimes in Fallujah!

Children maimed by White Phosphorus - Worse than Outlawed Napalm (large Video)



Fireman told to "Pull Back" by FEMA yet FEMA has no idea why building 7 Collapsed!


$1,000,000 Challenge (no longer active)

Read Physics Professor Jones' Paper (PDF 1.2 MB)

Jones Finds Thermate Used at WTC

Charlie Sheen Says 9/11 Inside Job

Ed Asner Supports Sheen

50 Top Military, Intelligence, & Govt. Critics of 9/11

Proof Computer Technology Faked 2nd Plane

Core Evidence

Best Video
911 Eyewitness

Pentagon Videos are Fiasco & Faked(2)

Wikipedia Lies

White House, Giuliani's Lies about 9/11 Deadly Dust Have Killed!

757 Did Not Hit The Pentagon

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz Planned "New Pearl Harbor" (p 63) as excuse to Invade Iraq in 1998!

64% Want probe into the discrepancies and omissions in the official 9/11 report.

9:04 Explosion -JWhite Photographic Proof!

Mysterious 3rd Collapse

More Pentagon Fakes

No Arab Autopsies or on passenger lists

Six hijackers alive!

Nukes at WTC?!

CIA Attacks Chávez & Truth About CIA-Cuba Venezuela Plans 911 Investigation
Collapses Too Quick Insurance Fraud?
Proof Explosives Used! London Bombings
Woman Walked Through Fire ? Other Attacks Faked by US Military
Smoking Guns Popular Mechanics Lies
Great Research Page No Plane Parts In PA.

Election Fraud Proof!


Madrid, Hotter, longer! NORAD Failed?
Media Complicity Scandal
We are losing in Iraq! Team8Plus
TvNewLies 9-11 Research
Mystery Yellow Cloud

50 Senior Military, Intelligence, & Govt. Critics of 9/11 Commission

Berg, Philip J. - Deputy Attorney General, Pennsylvania
Bowman, Col. Robert - Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Ford and Carter
Burks, Fred - State Department Interpreter for Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton
Christison, William - Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis
Cleland, Senator Max - Member of the 9/11 Commission. Former U.S. Senator from Georgia
Cole, John M - Intelligence Operations Specialist, FBI
Conrad, David Mark - Agent in Charge, Internal Affairs, U.S. Customs
Costello, Edward J. - Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI
Dew, Rosemary N. - Supervisory Special Agent, Counterterrorism & Counterintelligence, FBI
Dzakovic, Bogdan - Counterterrorism expert, FAA
Edmonds, Sibel - Language Translation Specialist, FBI
Elson, Steve - Special Agent, FAA
Fitts, Catherine Austin - Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H.W. Bush
Freeh, Louis - Director of the FBI, 1993 - 2001
Goodman, Melvin - Division Chief and Senior Analyst of Soviet Affairs, CIA
Goulder, Morton - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter
Graf, Mark - Security Supervisor, Department of Energy
Graham, Gilbert M. - Special Agent, Counterintelligence, FBI
Heikal, Mohamed Hassanein - Foreign Minister, Egypt
Hellyer, Paul - Minister of National Defense and Deputy Prime Minister, Canada
Honegger, Barbara - White House Policy Analyst Under Ronald Reagan
Ivashov, Gen. Leonid - Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces
Kleiman, Diane - Special Agent, U.S. Customs
Kwiatkowski, Lt. Col. Karen - Political Military Affairs Officer, Office of the Secretary of Defense
Larkin, Lynne A. - Operation Officer, CIA
MacMichael, David - Senior Estimates Officer, CIA
McGovern, Raymond L. - Chairman, National Intelligence Estimates, CIA
Meacher, Michael - Undersecretary for Industry, Minister for the Environment, UK
Nelson, Col. George - U.S. Air Force aircraft crash investigator
Pahle, Theodore J. - Senior Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency
Peck, Edward L. - Deputy Director of the White House Task Force on Terrorism under Ronald Reagan
Ray, Col. Ronald D. - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan
Reynolds, Morgan - Chief Economist, U.S. Department of Labor under George W. Bush
Ritter, Maj. Scott - Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and Chief UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq
Roberts, Paul Craig - Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under Ronald Reagan
Rokke, Maj. Douglas - Director U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project
Sarshar, Behrooz - Language Translation Specialist, FBI
Shayler, David - Counterterrorism Agent, MI5 (UK)
Stubblebine, Maj. Gen. Albert - Commanding General, U.S. Army Intelligence
Sullivan, Brian F. - Special Agent and Risk Management Specialist, FAA
Tortorich, Larry J. - US Naval Officer and Dept. of Homeland Security
Turner, Jane A. - Special Agent, FBI
Vincent, John B. - Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI
von Buelow, Andreas - Minister of National Defense, West Germany
Weldon, Rep. Curt - Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee
Whitehurst, Dr. Fred - Supervisory Special Agent, Forensic Examiner, FBI
Wittenberg, Capt. Russ - Air Force Fighter Pilot and Commercial Jet Pilot
Wright, Col. Ann - U.S. Army and Former Diplomat
Zipoli, Matthew J. - Special Response Team Officer, Department of Energy

NYC: 5,000 in suit over WTC illness

World War 4 Report - Brooklyn,NY,USA
... have died as a result of the deadly mixture of chemicals they were exposed to as they searched for survivors in the ruins of the World Trade Center or aided in ... full story >>


People are Dying Because the White House, EPA, and Giuliani Lied! :

In order to "reopen Wall Street" the Bush administration censored crucial EPA and New York City Health Department warnings that the air after 9/11 was highly poisonous. The White House forced the EPA to say "The air is safe to breathe" at the World Trade Center. This has seriously injured the health of Manhattan workers and residents, is even killing some of the heroes who worked at "Ground Zero"... full story >>

74% Want Investigation into Giuliani's lies about the deadly dust at the WTC. Giuliani, Christie Todd Whitman, the New York State and City Health Department all lied that the "Air is safe to breathe". See poll summary See full details

Watch Video Trailer: 911:Dust and Deceit at the WTC

Bloomberg withholds help for Dying Heroes!

Notables Claiming Government Lying:

Professor Steven E. Jones and sixty out of sixty academics think bombs, not the planes and fires caused the collapses of the WTC!

"Only professional demolition* ... account for the... collapses", Bush Chief Economist for Labor, Morgan Reynolds.

Harper’s Magazine, Senator Mark Dayton, and others, call 9/11 Commission a “whitewash” full of errors, “lies”, and omissions.

"And then There Came a Day of Fire"

Presidential Pretender George Bush's Inaugural Speech is Straight From The Bible, Revelations ! Bush invokes "God" 4 times and has 13 biblical references.

The Financial Times wrote, "the lunatics are now in charge of the asylum."

CBS Marketwatch news wrote, Bush has "lost his marbles".

Former editor of the Wall Street Journal and Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury: The US government has fallen into the hands of psychopaths...may be set to stage another terror attack in the US.

George Bush is feeling paranoid about by several of his most senior aides and advisors and has severely restricted access to the Oval Office. "The atmosphere in the Oval Office has become unbearable," a source said. "Even the family is split." Rarely sees his own father.

full story >>

Armageddon Ready?

"President Bush said to all of us: 'I'm driven with a mission from God. 'God would tell me, 'George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan'." "And I did, and then God would tell me, 'George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq...' And I did.

"At Church one day [Tom DeLay, House Majority Leader] listened as the pastor declared that  'the war between America and Iraq is the gateway to the Apocalypse.'  DeLay rose to speak, not only to the congregation but to 225 Christian TV and radio stations.  'Ladies and gentlemen,' he said, 'what has been spoken here tonight is the truth of God.'"

Click here for full story

Tell-a-Friend - Sign Petition - Volunteer - Donate - Please. Any amount! $1=1 DVD!

Response to the "Confronting the Evidence" DVD has been overwhelming!:
We have received so many messages of support we are unable to respond to each one individually, but we have prepared a special "thank you" letter to everyone who has written in.
click here to read >>

IIF 2006 Program announced

- Reopen911 covered on !

Penn & Teller incite violent assaults against Eric Hufschmid!
District Attorney
who wasted millions on Michael Jackson ignores crime! Click Here to Watch

Mr Walter in self-imposed exile in Europe because of attacks, threats, FBI, and police. Mr Walter now lives in Europe because of the attacks, threats, and lack of police investigation into those attacks and threats. But the police did send an armed officer to his home to get his customer list and harass him over his chickenhawk T-shirts mocking Bush's cowardice, AWOL military record, and drug abuse. "They can attack me physically to shut me up yet the police and FBI do nothing. I give away T-shirts and they send a Sergeant to intimidate myself and my secretary. You would have to be stupid to stay. I can continue the fight here."

911 Commission Story Absurd:
"Only professional demolition* ... account[s] for the...[World Trade Tower] collapses", Former chief economist for the Department of Labor and Texas A&M Professor Emeritus, Morgan Reynolds Ph.D. . read more>>

Other Bush Supporters and Republicans who have spoken out

Cindy Sheehan Speaks Out

CIA Incompetence Stays Unreprimanded!
Officials Won't Be Disciplined for Actions Before Sept. 11 read more


London Bombers Alleged Train Ride Impossible

Confirmed by Chris Hudson, 
Communications Manager, Thameslink Rail Ltd.

On 7/7 It Was Impossible For Anyone To Be At Luton at 7.22 AM And Arrive At Kings Cross Prior To 8.26 AM.

Trains - Luton To Kings Cross

Between 7.00 am - 8.00 am Thursday, 7th July, 2005



Official Timetable

Minutes Late

Actual Time
Kings Cross
Kings Cross
Kings Cross
7.04 7.40

On Time

On Time

1 or 3 7.04 7.40
7.08 7.56

On Time

30 Minutes

1 or 3 7.08 8.26
7.16 7.48

5 Minutes

31 Minutes

1 or 3 7.21 8.19
7.20 8.08 On Time

7 Minutes

1 or 3 7.20 8.15
7.24 8.00 1 Minute 23 Minutes 1 or 3 7.25 8.23
7.30 8.04 12 Minutes 35 Minutes 4 7.42 8.39
7.40 8.16 N/A N/A Cancelled Cancelled
7.46 8.28 N/A N/A Cancelled Cancelled
7.48 8.20 8 Minutes 22 Minutes 3 7.56 8.42
7.56 8.32 N/A N/A Cancelled Cancelled

Link For Train Story

20 Major, Obvious Flaws in "Al Qaeda Did It!" in London

"The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train." Bruce Lait, survivor 7/7.

See Peter Boyle, ex-Scotland Yard, testify he was conducting terrorism drills in the exact same stations as the "Bombers".


CIA and Homeland Security Take Over Popular Mechanics to spread lies and deception. Read how Senior Staff replaced with the Cousin of head of Homeland Security and then denied it.

A tour throughout Europe including Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, London and Manchester, England.
full story >>

The 911 Truth Tour has ended. You can watch video of complete events here .

Stay on top of the latest news & events about the 911 Movement! Click here!

Penn & Teller incite violent assaults against Eric Hufschmid!
District Attorney
who wasted millions on Michael Jackson ignores crime! Click Here to Watch

Watch Eric's New Video, "Are The Criminals Frightened"

Watch Mrs. Griggs explain how so many military officers are blackmailed into the cover-up. ( part 1, part 2 )


We Are Losing in Iraq!

Fallujah and The End Of Warfare,

Hey Rumsfeld, About that Cake walk...,

Iraqi Insurgency Growing

"United States Officials Surprised and Heartened at the Size of Turnout in Iraqi Presidential Election Despite Terrorist Campaign to Disrupt the Voting"
Same Headline about Vietnam... full story >>

Iraq Rebels Fight US to Standoff: American officers have stopped talking about winning a military victory(?) in Iraq's Sunni Muslim heartland.

Militants, flee from direct battle, return when troops leave.

Under US noses, 'mujahideen' in control of Sunni citadel

We Are Not Safer!
Bin Laden initially denied the 9/11 attack. In all probability he merely took credit for it later to swell his ranks. It Worked! Bin Laden is still at large. President Bush has said he is not that concerned about him. .... full story >>

On January 28, 1998, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, Steve Forbes, and Dan Quayle 19 other high ranking Officials signed a plan calling for the US to fake a "New Pearl Harbor" (page 63) as an excuse to invade Iraq to establish military bases.

LA Times Claims Al Qaeda is Government Conspiracy Hoax!
Three news headlines probing the question of how real the Al Qaeda threat is. Read... Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?, Does al-Qaeda Exist?, and Deeper Propaganda Twists.

See The TV ads that ran 2850 times in NYC-- Censored by CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox!:
About the Pentagon: Quicktime Movie
About Bldg. 7 at WTC: Quicktime Movie

64% Want an investigation into the major discrepencies and ommissions in the Offical 9/11 Comission Report. 45%, a plurality, believe government officals knew ahead of time and let it happen on purpose. 44% are not sure or believe that 19 Arabs could not have committed the terrorist attacks on September 11 alone, See poll summary See full details

90% of CNN Viewers Believe in a 9/11 Cover-up:
On Wednesday, November 10th, 2004, Anderson Cooper featured Kyle Hence and Jimmy Walter regarding the latter's TV ad campaign to expose 9/11 truth on WTC 7 and the Pentagon strike. An on-air poll showed close to 90% of viewers believe there's been a cover-up of the true events of September 11... full story >>

66% of New Yorkers Want the 9/11 Investigation reopened. Half believe people in the United States Government knew ahead of time and let it happen. See the poll

Another Bush government payoff of media spokesmen ? Why weren't they fired like Dan Rather?

FBI & Secret Service Give Gay Pimp Easy Access to & Preferential Presidential News Scoops:
Watch this video segment from Real time with Bill Maher discussing this recent news headline... full story >>

Reports of Israeli Agents Dancing with Joy on 9/11:
Why were Israeli Agents Dancing with Joy as they watched WTC hit and collapse? Second Article. Why did AIPAC lobby FOX News to remove this report detailing their arrest, demolition background, etc. from the Fox News website? Why did Fox threaten to sue to suppress others from hosting it?

Original "Powell Lied" and Iraq War I AD Campaign

Majority of Jews Against War and Likud Terrorists

Proof 2004 Election Was Stolen:
I am writing to point out extremely important and inescapable facts that must be addressed by any fair-minded news organization or individual. For meticulous calculations and a clear, scholarly analysis of the election exit poll anomalies, please read this treatise by Professor Steven Freeman, Ph.D... full story >>

Robert F Kennedy, Jr. details election fraud.

Truth About Privatizing Social Security: Disaster!
We must end Social Security as we know it, the Bush administration says, to meet the fiscal burden of paying benefits to the baby boomers. But the most likely privatization scheme would actually increase the budget deficit until 2050. By then the youngest surviving baby boomer will be 86 years old.... full story >>

Financial Times: Bush & Greenspan Trying to Destroy Social Security:
President George W. Bush declared victory yesterday in the long-running congressional wrangle over his tax proposals. "This is a Congress which is able to identify problems facing the American people and get things done," he said after House and Senate Republicans struck a deal on a $350bn tax cut over 10 years. If only that were true..... full story >>

Greenspan Targets Social Security!:
Alan Greenspan worships Ayn Rand and has written books and articles vowing to destroy all Social Programs in USA! The fool still believes in the Gold Standard!

Disgraced and Rejected Homeland [In]security Chief Candidate Bernard Kerik Admits They Planned for Collapse:
Disgraced and rejected Homeland [In]security Chief candidate and former Police Commissioner and adulterer Bernard Kerik, A partner and close ally of the lying, reckless, possible murderer, ex-mayor Rudolph Giuliani, admitted they planned for building collapses and practiced them immediately before in 9/11 testimony. MSNBC Expose >>

FBI & Secret Service Give Gay Pimp Easy Access to & Preferential Presidential News Scoops:
Watch this video segment from Real time with Bill Maher discussing this recent news headline... full story >>

Related Historical Events

US Military Under Bush #1 Planned a WTC Attack!
Our own U.S. Army devised a plan commissioned by Congress to bring down the WTC using commercial airliners and box cutters as weapons... full story >>

United States Officials Surprised and Heartened at the Size of Turnout in Iraqi Presidential Election Despite Terrorist Campaign to Disrupt the Voting
In all the media hoopla over Sunday's "election" in Iraq, a few details got missed... full story >>

FBI Implicated in Planning and Execution of Oklahoma Bombing:
Only moments after an enormous blast blew away most of the facade and a full quarter of the eastern end of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) began to release evidence implicating two men, and two men only, who they claimed were solely responsible. full story >>

US Joint Chiefs Plan to Kill US Civilians to Start a War
Read this now de-classified document detailing the lengths our military leaders are willing to go (PDF document)... full story >>

Kuwaiti Ambassador's daughter lied to set up the Incubator Babies Hoax to start the first Gulf War.

A 757 did not Hit the Pentagon!:
Read and see that it could not have been a 757, which is a 60 ton, 129 feet wide, 50 foot tall (from the bottom of the engines to the top of the tail) aircraft, that hit the Pentagon. Remember that the government terrorists' arguments fall apart if any of the three attacks be carried out by airliners hijacked by Arabs. If any was not, then Cheney, et. al., are the terrorists.

Pentagon Research Site

Latest Videos Proven fakes.

No Arabs on Flight 77



Cindy Sheehan's Article

At 6.1 seconds into the flash video at the top of this page shows pieces of the building flying UP and out from the building over 100 meters. Only explosives could have done this.

Sixty out of sixty academics agree a new investigation is needed...
” —Prof. Steven E. Jones

BYU Physics Professor:
"...glaring weaknesses in the [US Gov't] 'final' reports ...The “explosive demolition” hypothesis better satisfies tests." 

David Heller, physicist and practicing architect, discusses fundamental physical laws as they apply to the “miraculous” freefall collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC 7...“Judge for yourself. Watch WTC7 go down. It takes 6.5 seconds. Take out your stopwatch”...

Here is one clip and another on the above about the mysterious collapse of building WTC7.

See explosions start before and below where the collapse starts. In this video at 0:02 the puffs start below the collapse. At 0:05 several floors blow out at the exact same time. The explosions come in waves. This 2nd video shows puffs come out of floors below the buckling section. At 0:09 some puffs come out of single windows. At 0:12 at the lower left corner of the building explodes. The this video, shows the collapse is not floor by floor as the left side explodes 4 floors or more ahead of the right side. See Contest Page for still image comparison detailing lies from FEMA.

This north tower video shows the same. This second shows the demolition "squibs" of dust shooting out several floors below the "collapse" The fifth video of the North Tower collapse shows the puffs of smoke at the exact same time as the collapse starts at 0:15. In the last video a fireman talks about EVERYTHING being reduced to dust, everything. No building collapse has ever done that. Remember that the government has claimed that they found and returned human body parts. So how could human parts survive if concrete, desks, chairs, etc are powder? They could NOT!

Watch Documentary Proving Explosives used!

Read Webster Tarpley's chronicle "9-11 Synthetic Terrorism" of the evidence that explosives were used.

Firefighters Say Heard 100's of Explosions


Proof 14 Tons of Explosives Used

A collapse could not have powdered all the concrete that flew our of the Towers all the way to NJ. Why was there so much powdered concrete? Read this.

Towers' Collapse Analysis

Unexplained Counter Flow

Alex Jones lays out the facts about the collapse of the world Trade Center complex, the Bushes and the Bin Laden's and Much More -- 30+ minute video clip. WATCH THE CLIP: (Windows Media File)

"Jet Fuel could not have melted steel," Kevin Ryan of UL Labs to (NIST). Read it!

Read About Jet Fuel, Heat, Structural and other problems with Pancake or Zipper Theory

George W. Bush's brother, Marvin P. Bush 's company Securacom World Trade Center. The company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwait-American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family

Larry Silverstein Admits He Ordered World Trade Center Building 7 Destroyed by FDNY!:
Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder of the WTC--who is trying to collect $14 Billion in insurance money--admits he ordered World Trade Center Building 7 Destroyed by FDNY! Yet FEMA and 9/11 Commission say, "the specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time." Moreover, FDNY does not do implosions according to their rules, regulations, and training.

George W. Bush's brother, Marvin P. Bush 's company Securacom World Trade Center. The company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwait-American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family

Jim Hoffman's Slide Show on Building 7 which further debunks [Propaganda] Mechanics alleged "Debunking". (Please note that though we do not agree with Mr Hoffman on the explosives issue, we still support him on other issues)

Popular Mechanics

CIA Literally Takes Over Popular Mechanics to Cover Up 9/11 Government Lies!

Popular Mechanics Editor who wrote the lies, Benjamin Chertoff, hid the fact that he is the cousin of Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff

Eric Hufschmid. of Painful Questions

Joel Skousen

Accusations of Fraud by Mr. Walter.

Jim Hoffman

Another Expose


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