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October 14, 2005

Read Webster Tarpley's chronicle"9-11 Synthetic Terrorism's" of the evidence that explosives were used.

Read Energy Analysis to produce these dust clouds.

Read About Mysterious Counter-flow

Jet Fuel, Heat, Structural and other problems with Pancake or Zipper Theory

Mainstream analysis by Tim Wilkinson.

"Painful Questions" pg 48, fig 5-11

This figure is the offical version on the collapse.

"Painful Questions" pg 49, fig 5-13

These figures show how the top should have fallen WITHOUT Explosives

"Painful Questions" pg 51, fig 5-14

"Painful Questions" pg 52, fig 5-15

Here and in the other photos below there are pieces of steel falling that are still above the exploding zone. Gravity will cause all pieces to hit the ground at the same time, regardless of horizontal trajectory.

"Painful Questions" pg 53, fig 5-16

"Painful Questions" pg 54, fig 5-17

"Painful Questions" pg 55, fig 5-18

"Painful Questions" pg 57, fig 5-20