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From: Jimmy Walter <>


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Subject: $1,000,000 Challenge to NIST on WTC

I have a standing $1,000,000 challenge to anyone who can prove that explosives were not used.

I am willing to escrow the money and assemble a panel of independent judges acceptable to all.

Brent Blanchard, Director of Field operations at Protec has refused to enter the contest. Instead, he insulted me and made up fictitious quotes on the cost of entering the contest. He refused to provide the backup for that or for his absurd, sophist article, which you have quoted.

You cannot answer all the questions that point directly to a special controlled demolition on the towers and a standard demolition on WTC7. As for the claim that a large part of WTC7 was destroyed, we have fireman testimony  that it was damaged less than the buildings in between which still partially stood.

But the most damning is the pictures of the steel pieces flying up and out with trails of vaporizing material streaming behind them (see and explain
WTCExplosion LeftSide2.swf)

No collapse could have caused that!!!

If you cannot explain and document all of the points of my challenge, then your whole explanation falls apart.
Jimmy Walter